The Effects Of Shampoo On Hair

Shampoo On Hair

Shampooing hair is a regular process for millions of people, but the ratio of the people who are aware of the adverse effects are few. Shampoos are the most every now treatment for the hair and scalp so proper care should be taken to view the ingredient list of the shampoo bottle to avoid various skin issues. Hair growth and good hair care are maintained through the usage of shampoos without silicone.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

It is often known as SLS. Most of the ingredient list of the shampoo bottles will contain the name of SLS. It is so common because of its low-cost budget. You can find this name in most of the shampoos, toothpaste, body wash and other skin care products. SLS offers various skin problem and ends in worser cases. So try to avoid them.


Sodium Laureth sulfate

Sodium Laureth sulfate is the commonly called as SLES. You can’t find a big difference between the SLES and SLS. One of the major components in SLES is a carcinogen. These carcinogens are the harmful products which affect the human kidney in a worse manner. Using silicon free shampoo with the SLES listing will cause severe irritation to your skin causing rashes. Be alert that if the shampoos with SLES contacts your eyes, then there will be some harmful reactions.

Polyethylene Glycol

The various skin care products contain some quantity of polyethylene glycol. It is the by product of petrol which does not suit the skin care category. Avoid them to protect your skin from various ailments.

Silicon Free Shampoo

It is the best solution for the perfect hair care. Always find the better shampoos in the market with the label of shampoos without silicone. So that, you can have a good and healthy hair. Protect your hair from various problems by these chemical substances.